What about IDpack? It is the most comprehensive and flexible software for ID card, badge and label production on the market. It helps organizations enhance their security requirements with access control cards, membership cards, convention badges, student ID cards, employee ID, event passes, library cards, and other identification needs.

IDpack was originally developed in response to a market gap for registration at sports events. For over a decade now, IDpack ID card software has been test driven to perfection in real business cases and continuously improved by our team of specialists. Every day, our technical team works closely with major manufacturers and IDpack partners to provide and integrate their best solutions in biometric authentication, ID card printing hardware and encryption technology. IDpack is a unique combination of passion, technology and experience.

IDpack has been the number one choice of event organizers, trade associations and corporations of all types since 2000. It is the result of 20 years of passionate dedication to integrating smart security such as digital pictures, color codes, barcodes, fingerprints, holograms, electronic signatures and other security features.

IDpack. Smart Security. Smart Price.