Creation of the first version of our photo ID card software (IDpack) which was called Photo Card at the time. We changed the name to IDpack a few months latest to better reflect the objective of the software. IDpack for Identification Package, the idea was to create the best Photo ID card on the market that will include everything.

Photo Card was created due to a request of Sports-Quebec for a reliable software to produce large quantities of badge for the sport event : Jeux du Québec. After the Trois-Riviève Winter Games in 1999 and the huge success of Photo Card, we decided to offer Photo Card as a ID card solution for everyone. This is where IDpack started. Since 1999, Jeux du Québec is using IDpack every year.

BTW, if you are reading this 21 years later, it mean that you are really curious about IDpack ! Thank you.


Creation of our first version of IDpack