Why doesn’t my camera work in IDpack?


1- In IDpack Designer, select ‘Help’ and ‘About IDpack’. The minimal requirements for ‘MDAC’ (Microsoft Data Access Components) must be 2.8 and for ‘DirectX Version’, a minimum of 9.4 is required for the camera to work.

2- In ‘Producer’, to add our ‘CamTracer’, go to ‘Tools’, ‘Camera settings’ or in ‘Badge Information’, go to the icon under the picture ‘CamTracer set-up’

3- If you plugged in a camera and IDpack shows ‘No Camera’, it is either not properly plugged, or you did not add the camera driver or you have a digital camera. Digital cameras do not work in ‘live’. You can save your digital picture and then import it to add to your badge layout.


  • IDpack Element
  • IDpack Business
  • IDpack Professional


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Why doesn’t my camera work in IDpack?