There is only one file for all IDpack versions If you are trying IDpack, after installation you will be asked which version you want to try: IDpack Professional, Business or Element. For registered users, enter your serial number at the splash screen, and your serial number will automatically setup the correct version of IDpack you have purchased.


  1. Download IDpack9.exe on your PC.
  2. Double-click on the file IDpack9.exe and start the installation.


Video: How to Install IDpack

Need help Registering IDpack? Read the (How to Register IDpack?)
Need help to start your Trial? Read the (How to Try IDpack?)


Software Version Build Size Download Site
IDpack v9 (Element, Business, Professional) 9.2 (English, French) 5 34,271kb
IDpack Professional 8.1 (English) 4 26,039kb
IDpack Business 8.1 (English) 4 26,039kb
IDpack Element 8.1 (English) 4 26,039kb
IDpack Pro 7.5 (English) 78 25,680 kb
IDpack Plus 7.5 (English) 78 26,376 kb
IDpack Lite 7.2 (English) 2 10,158 kb

Do not use warez version, crack, serial numbers, keygen, registration codes, idpack pro, pirate key for this office tools software IDpack. If you want to get a full and unlimited version of IDpack, you should buy from original publisher Aptika inc.