IDpack, the most comprehensive and flexible solution for ID card, badge and label production on the market, is releasing a new version of IDpack: IDpack 8 introduces many exciting new features for the design and printing of ID cards, badges and labels. IDpack is all about smart security at a smart price .

IDpack, the most comprehensive and flexible ID card software on the market, is launching a new line of IDpack versions. IDpack Professional, IDpack Business, and IDpack Element answer much of the untapped potential brought to our notice by IDpack dedicated users and business cases during the last three years. IDpack 8 Professional, IDpack Business, and IDpack Element replace the late IDpack 7 Pro, IDpack Plus, and IDpack Lite.

“IDpack 8 is the product of more than 10 years of specialized R&D and an amazing team effort”, declared Martin Bourdages, the creator of IDpack. “It began like many other popular IT start-ups, in a small downtown apartment with tons of passion and dedication. Now, with IDpack 8.0, taking control of the design and production of access control cards, membership cards, convention badges, student ID cards, employee IDs, event passes, library cards, and other identification needs has never been so easy and cost efficient”.

The new IDpack trio introduces high-impact, industry-leading features stemming from user input and recommendations. Here are some of the new features that are being released:

  • Cross-platform plastic card printing;
  • Integrated imaging and photo editing tools;
  • Streamlined database connectivity;
  • Advanced security and user privileges management;
  • Enterprise solution integration with the command line interface or SDK.

“Our close relationship with IDpack users and live business cases is what makes the solution unique and powerful”, shared IDpack’s head programmer, Jason Crete. “It’s really about getting into the action, testing, jotting down end-user needs, and understanding how IDpack can provide meaningful tools to respond to these applications.”

IDpack 8, ID Card Software Gets the Thumbs Up