IDpack Professional 9 has hundreds of features which is why we recommend you test it yourself. Here are a few examples of features our customers have found particularly useful. You can also consult the help manual to see everything IDpack can do for you.

Customize your design environment and security requirements:

  • Choose the format you wish to print: paper or plastic ID cards, badges or labels
  • Define the card orientation and punch position
  • Print single or double-sided cards
  • Apply your printer’s settings to your ID design
  • Activate advanced security features such as magnetic stripe and Smart Card encoding

Streamline your working environment for speed:

  • Simply display the relevant features and avoid unwanted data access.
  • Adapt the way IDpack manages your data with the folder setup option. No more looking around your hard drive to open or retrieve IDpack files
  • Integrate IDpack with your database for batch printing projects
  • Define IDpack field definitions with in-house database fields

Create unique and smart IDs with IDpack Designer:

  • Integrate Dynamic Objects that are generated by your database and linked variables that relate them to the person identified on the card.
  • Streamline your security with conditional objects. They allow you to display content-sensitive data, such as visuals for under-aged attendees, which helps avoid much confusion.
  • Make use of the Date tool for dynamically-generated time sensitive objects and content.
  • Avoid confusion and improve your security by color-coding your identification cards either with respect to business units or management status.

Make use of the advanced design tools in IDpack Designer:

  • No need to purchase and grapple with strenuous design and editing software solutions; IDpack’s Designer module provides you with comprehensive image editing tools: pick and crop tools, levels and color management tools, image filtering and other exciting options.
  • Improve your design with static objects like text, shapes and images. The newly integrated rotating tool allows you to rotate text and other objects for better display and readability.
  • Position security-object placeholders for barcodes, ID photos, signatures and fingerprints.

Assign security and printing options to your IDs with IDpack Producer:

  • Open designs previously prepared in IDpack Designer module
  • Add or import badge information for batch printing
  • Secure your IDs with biometrics and other advanced security and card-encoding features: photos, signatures, fingerprints, magnetic strips, SmartCards, and holograms.
  • Print professional single or double-sided, monochrome or color, portrait or landscape, paper or plastic, encoded or basic ID cards or badges.

Capture, import and edit pictures:

  • Capture ID pictures with a live connection video camera import ID pictures
  • Import ID pictures from a file
  • Apply filters for crisp and clean photos with the Picture Editor
    • Brightness and contrast
    • RGB color setting

Secure your data with IDpack:

  • User login to open IDpack
  • Manage user priviliges by activity for optimal security: add or delete data, print, history log viewing, and more…
  • Restrict peripheral usage: finger encoding, photo capture and signature capture
  • Connect IDpack to your secured database