IDpack 2002 Plus (version 6.0) is a fast and reliable badge-printing program. It allows you to design and produce professional ID cards for all kinds of uses: schools, libraries, membership, corporate security cards, convention cards and all other identification needs. There is no need to buy expensive ID card-making equipment or PVC cards, since IDpack prints on plain paper using your existing printer. You can print on Avery self-laminating ID card sheets or use plain paper, then laminate with pocket laminators to create beautiful photo ID cards complete with barcode, logo, picture, and more.

Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, XP or Me,

10 new reasons to buy the new version of IDpack 2002 Plus:

– Build-in software registration: no more delays, buy and get it now!
– XP Compatible;
– Upgraded for international users;
– Import and crop pictures from file;
– Improved and more user-friendly interfaces;
– Unlimited range of colors in the Color Code;
– More dynamic fields;
– Build-in documentation available at any time;
– Export the database to text file;
– New birthday function;
– More hot-keys
… and hundreds of other features everywhere!

Launch of IDpack 2002 Plus