The North American-based company SOHO-iT, which designs and distributes powerful and reliable photo card management solutions, has just released the latest versions of IDpack Plus (v.7.1) and IDpack Lite (v.7.1).

As a fast and reliable badge-printing program, the IDpack software family allows you to design and produce any photo ID cards, badges or nametags with ease. Whether your needs are: Access Control Cards, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Event Passes, Student ID Cards, Medical Cards, Library Cards, Gift Cards or Certification Cards, IDpack Lite 7.1 and IDpack Plus 7.1 have been specially created to fulfill all your identification and security requirements at a very competitive price. Since 1999, IDpack Plus has been used by sports event organizers, trade associations and corporations of every type to enhance security and control crowd movement. As the advanced solution, IDpack Plus offers network-ready software using a Microsoft Access database, whereas IDpack Lite has its own built-in database. IDpack Lite is the ideal solution for small budgets.

With this ready-to-install package and its user-friendly interface, IDpack has a Badge Designer and a Producer that allow users to design, share and produce an unlimited number of badges. IDpack Lite and IDpack Plus give users complete flexibility in placing information, barcodes and images anywhere on the badges and support more than 1,000 Avery and 40 DYMO LabelWriter formats. Badges and ID cards can be printed quickly and inexpensively on card stock that is readily available in any office supply store. With production expenses reduced to a fraction of the cost of dedicated badge-printing hardware, it’s easy to increase security by printing badges more frequently.

To support stringent security requirements, badges can be color-coded to reflect 14 different security levels. There is built-in support for 25 types of barcodes, allowing you to print badges that can be read by all standard barcode readers. IDpack Lite and IDpack Plus support the printing of individual badges and IDs, as well as the high-volume production of cards for the entire enterprise. Whatever your identification needs are, IDpack solutions are the best solution on the market.

Launches of IDpack Lite 7.1 and IDpack Plus 7.1 designed to create ID cards