A new feature in IDpack Business and IDpack Professional version 9 is now available. You can now print BLACK TEXT (K) on your plastic ID card that can only be read with a magnifying glass. This is NANOTEXT.

This feature will add a new security layer to your ID cards that no other ID card software offers, as of today. It is similar to the microprinting techniques used most often on currency and cashier’s checks and is now available for ID cards.

NANOTEXT works as an anti-counterfeiting feature because the text, measuring 0.02 inches in height (1.32 millimetres) is very difficult to reproduce during attempts at counterfeiting. When the ID card is placed in a photocopier or computer scanner, a line of NANOTEXT will appear to the copier or scanner as a dotted or solid line.

“The NANOTEXT is only 5 pixels height, we had to create a new special font from scratch” says Jason Crete head programmer of IDpack.

With the NANOTEXT feature, you decide what will be printed in NANOTEXT, it can be static text like “YOUR COMPANY NAME” or dynamic text like “FIRST NAME LAST NAME” depending on the ID card printed. You can also change the text color, but it works best in BLACK due to the K panel that prints a very clean text. If your printer does not have the (K) panel, it will use the color ribbon, but the text will be harder to read.

NANOTEXT for IDpack Business and Professional