Nitgen Fingkey fingerprint biometric capture solutions can now work hand-in-hand with IDpack Professional ID card software.

IDpack Professional 8, IDpack’s advanced ID card software program with state-of-the-art photo ID design, biometrics capturing and printing capabilities, can now capture fingerprints with Nitgen’s Fingkey Hamster 1 and Fingkey Hamster 2 fingerprint readers. “Thanks to the help and support from the people at Nitgen, IDpack broadens the already huge possibilities IDpack has to offer,” added Martin Bourdages head of the IDpack development team.

IDpack Professional was to date compatible with Digital Persona fingerprint readers and Topaz electronic signature pad models that combine fingerprint reader with signature capturing capabilities all-in-one. The addition of the Nitgen’s Fingkey Hamster Series provides more flexibility to IDpack Professional users.

“IDpack Professional 8 users wishing to benefit from the addition of Nitgen’s Fingkey fingerprint readers to IDpack Professional’s list of compatible products, are welcome to visit the support section to the website to get familiar with the update procedure,” shared Martin Bourdages.

IDpack relies on countless partners among them Fargo, Evolis, Magicard, Topaz, Digital Persona, and now Nitgen.

Nitgen Fingkey and IDpack ID Card Software are Now Compatible