How to set a Background Image for a Badge Layout.


First create a 300dpi Background Image the same size as your badge using a graphic editor like Adobe Photoshop.
Add all static information and images.

Once you have saved your image you can start IDpack Designer.
There are two ways of setting the Background Image for your badge.

Option 1

  • Right click on the Badge and click Set as Background
  • Navigate using the window browser to locate your save background image and click ok.

Your image is now the background of your badge layout. You can edit or delete the background by
right clicking the badge and selecting the desired option.

Option 2

  • Select the graphic tool and add an image to your badge.
  • Right-click your new image and select Set as Background.

You can select any image that is already part of your badge and set it as your background.


  • IDpack Element
  • IDpack Business
  • IDpack Professional


background image

How to set a Background Image for a Badge Layout.