How to use IDpack on a network


IDpack is network-enabled so all you need to do is place the IDP file and the MDB database file in a directory and share it with the users you want. What we do is to share a directory called IDpack, and map a drive on every computer that is using IDpack. We always use the following standard Z:\ as a map letter. Please refer to the Windows Guide on how to create a map drive.


  1. You can use the server to produce badges like a local computer, but we strongly recommend you not do so. If the server crashes for some reason, all networked stations will stop working too.
  2. The license for IDpack is one per computer, so if you plan to use IDpack on a network, make sure you have all the required licenses .


  • IDpack Element
  • IDpack Business
  • IDpack Professional



How to use IDpack on a network