ZXP ID Zebra Card Printer

Do you already own a Zebra Card Printer? That’s great, because Zebra printers are very reliable. Now you need the right software to print your cards and IDpack provides the perfect solution. IDpack supports Zebra ZXP Series 1, Zebra ZXP Series 3, Zebra ZXP Series 7 and the new Zebra ZXP Series 9. IDpack is the most comprehensive and flexible ID-card solution on the market. It helps organizations enhance their security requirements with access control cards, membership cards, convention badges, student ID cards, event passes, and a host of other ID-card solutions.

We highly recommend IDpack Business for Zebra Card Printer. Our Business package is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations that don’t need advanced biometric technologies. You can compare our various editions here. As you can see, Business is the most complete solution available and at a most affordable price.

10 solid reasons to use IDpack Business:

  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Enhanced print quality
  • 20 free card templates
  • Supports Zebra Plastic ID card printer
  • Multilingual and open XML string
  • Supports MySQL and SQL servers
  • Text and Barcode Rotation
  • Supports many new webcams
  • New Badge List Display
  • 28 barcodes including QR-Codes
  • and much more!
When creating a new badge or modifying an existing one, open Badge Setup in IDpack Designer and select Zebra in the pull-down menu Printer Model.

IDpack Badge Setup for Zebra printer

IDpack will then setup the print engine to create cards with brighter color and sharper black.

Zebra Card Printer with ID card Software IDpack